Medical Grade Skin Peel

Medical Grade Skin Peel

BioRePeel is a Medical Grade TCA Peel using Biostimulation ingredients (amino acids and vitamins) for Revitalization of the skin. Although working deep into the Dermis it has a protective oil layer to trap moisture and reduce dehydration therefore reducing discomfort and flaking afterwards. Ideal for acne and reduces oil production. It offers deep exfoliation and helps soften fine lines and wrinkles. It promotes cell turnover, fighting the effects of skin ageing and damage caused by UV radiation and pollution.

It can be used on the:

✅ Face
✅ Neck
✅ Décolletage
✅ Hands
✅ Elbows
✅ Glutes
✅ Knees
✅ Feet
✅ Arms

The peel helps in the production of:

✅ Collagen
✅ Elastin
✅ Skins own hylauronic acid


✅ Skin hydration
✅ Reduces fine lines /wrinkles
✅ Helps in battling acne
✅ Helps reduce comedones
✅ Helps shrink large pores
✅ Brighter, tighter, lighter skin

Why this is great for you:

✅ No skin prep required
✅ Suitable for all skin types
✅ No down time
✅ Instant results
✅ It can be incorporated into your injectable aesthetic treatment plans and existing appointments.
✅ Whole body treatment
✅ Use before MicroInfusion Facial
✅ The procedure takes 15 -30 minutes

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